The Rise is a team up between partners in love and music Mavis Acquah (MC, singer, songwriter) and Gijs Huijs (saxophone player, composer, producer). They met in the Dutch dance scene where they earned their living performing as a MC and saxophone player with eclectic and house DJ's. A romantic and creative partnership followed thanks to their shared love for music and all the good things of life. 


In 2012 the musical journey of The Rise started with writing top lines for DJ's and producers of which a number of successful collaborations followed. They released tracks with Team Rush Hour (“Recognize”, Downpitch), Hardsoul, Dennis Quin & Ill Phill (“You & I”, Get Twisted Records), Tank & Cheetah and DBN (“Trust”, Mixmash) and SirOJ (Hold Me Now). In 2016 their first single “Come Get It” was released by record label Enormous Tunes. The track is a UK garage based track with a strong soulful melody and a first step towards a sound that lies very close to their musical roots. 


On their debut EP "The Rise" Mavis and Gijs embrace the past and the present. The songs are a mix of contemporary electronic sounds and nostalgia-flavoured pop and R&B. 'Working on “The Rise” was not only a creative journey but also a very personal one. We challenged ourselves and each other to finally get to the core of who we are in a musical, creative and personal sense.'






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